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Get a Grid-Connected PV System

What are Photovoltaic Panels? Frog with panel

Panels are made up of many cells that capture sunlight which is then converted to electrical energy. These panels are mounted on roofs or positioned to absorb the sun's energy during sunlight hours.

Installing your Grid-Connected System

Electricity energy (DC current) is then supplied to a Grid-Connected PV System directly to your house, business or farm. This runs through a inverter that converts the current into AC electricity. AC electricity is suitable for everyday household appliances.
Battery storage is an added expense and is not required with a Grid-Connected System. Your household or business uses the required electricity and the rest is fed directly to the National Grid. You then start earning credits, which is then taken off your monthly electricity account. Simply start reducing your electricity instantly!

PV panelGuarantees & Carbon Footprint

Our PV panels come with an output warranty of 25 years, which simply means that over the 25 years, we guarantee that the panels will still be producing up to 80% of the rated power. That's a huge saving over this time!
As there are no moving parts to a Grid-Connected System maintenance is low and occasionally checking the panels for dirt and keeping nearby trees from shading the panels is the only requirement.
Photovoltaic panels is carbon negative over its lifespan. The carbon footprint used to make Photovoltaic panels is offset by using and producing solar energy from the sun.

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